About Us

EGE TEKNİK KALİTE, has entered Izmir/Konak in 2007 with a high quality service approach. EGE TEKNİK, which develops itself with continuous training since its foundation, has strengthened its position in the NDT sector with its timely and complete service approach.

EGE TEKNİK KALİTE as we apply non-destructive inspection methods are Radiographic Examination, Ultrasonic Examination, Magnetic Particle Examination, Liquid Penetrant Examination and Visual Examination. We perform our examinations for each test method with ASME, EN, API standards with expert personnel. Reporting processes of the services we offer are completed by evaluating material acceptance criteria in the most accurate way. Recently ,we have completed the certification process in the scope of TS EN ISO 17024 on the expectation of certification from internationally recognized institutions such as TURKAK in quality control of the sector.

Our understanding of total quality, occupational health and safety is one of our targets to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by adhering to our principle of work, independence, impartiality and confidentiality. Our belief that continuous training in the developing sector will increase the quality of development is the biggest factor in increasing our productivity.

In this context, some of the areas where we frequently take projects in non-destructive inspection sector;

Geothermal, pressurized vessels, steam boilers, steel construction structures and constructions and all kinds of resources, manufacturing and materials quality control, refinery sector, drinking water lines, natural gas, dam and Hepp sector, closed area work in steel deck, hot works (gas source, powder source, electrode source, oxy-acetylene welding and oxygen cutting works, test and approval), stage installation, usage, dismantling works test and approval, installation, use of concrete power plants, installation of apron power plants, use, mobile crane, floating crane installation, use, mobile crane test and approval.

As EGE TEKNİK KALİTE, we continue to grow rapidly in order to be a leader in the sector and to develop all the services it provides in line with the needs of the sector.

Our mission: we know the value of time in this path to become the leader in the NDT sector. We believe that the quality of the complete and timely delivery of the business is the right of every customer.

Our vision: with our high quality, expert, responsible and constantly developing service approach, we move not only our company but also the sector further from its position.

Our values:

  • To be reliable
  • Taking initiative and responsibility
  • Result to be focused
  • To be customer oriented
  • To be innovative
  • Being a team
  • Loyalty
  • Leader