Our Environmental and Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy
Commitment to independence from the people who are parties to the examinations and raising awareness of our personnel on this issue, keeping independence, impartiality and honesty above all and ensuring continuity and thus maintaining our respectability.
Recognizing that the source of our success is a competent, qualified and motivated staff, we continuously strengthen the skills and qualifications of the personnel and always support the professional development.
To ensure that the services are realized in accordance with the contracts and national and international standards.
To provide customer satisfaction with the services we provide with reliable equipments and personnel who know the time management.
Continuous improvement of the quality system by taking corrective / preventive measures for the non-conformities as a result of the audits to be carried out.

Environmental Policy
As an environmentally friendly organization, our efforts in the non-destructive industrial resource control sector and our responsibilities to the environment to continue our activities in awareness;
Comply with environmental legislation and sectoral obligations
Effective and efficient use of energy and Natural Resources
To reduce the pollution that occurs during our activities
Our employees, suppliers and society to raise awareness about the environment
Continual improvement and improvement will be essential elements of our policy.

As EGE TEKNİK KALİTE, we are committed to establishing environmental objectives and objectives of environmental policy principles.